In order to meet the demand of the army, the PLA Beijing No.6 Automotive Works began to develop motorcycles in 1950. It used German Zundapp K500 motorcycles as the prototype and patterned bikes after it. The first five motorcycles were developed in July,1951. They were named "Jing Gang Shan". 4248 motorcycles were turned out by the end of 1954. The production was stopped in 1955 when the works was incorporated in the new Beijing No.1 Automotive Accessory Factory. The Chinese motorcycle industry began after 1981 to develop rapidly after the country underwent some political reforms that allowed companies to open up to the rest of the world. This period underwent three "Five Year Plans". The Main Engine Displacements now made are 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 125, 150 and 250cc.and at least one 750cc. In 1997 there were 2000 different models with production of around 7,000,000 bikes. Some of the major brands (2004) in China are:

Chang Jiang: Makes a 750cc bike with sidecar that is copied after a prewar BMW R71, a 250cc that is a replica of a 1950's Jawa 353, a Solex moped replica and assorted mini bikes & ATV's 
Ek Chor  
Hainan Sundiro  
Han Wei Small folding bikes  
Huari Jincheng  
Jing Gang Shan  
Lifan: Builds engines for many of the other companies
Shanghai Xingfu  
Wuyang-Honda: A long term partnership with Honda


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